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Learning how to create value from Intangibles with the classic Tango simulation.

Treading Lightly

Inspired by Aboriginal Thought.
Co-working with Tex Skuthorpe.


Interplay - Solutions for knowledge intensive firms from 10,000 feet

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Challenging the Innovation Paradigm.

The book goes behind the innovation frenzy characterizing society today. It brings attention to the commercial waste, policy ineffectiveness and human suffering caused by the way corporations are executing and policy makers are regulating innovation. It emphasizes the unexploited opportunities of approaches that consider also long-term and undesirable consequences of innovation.

A major research project at Hanken School of Economics.

Why do we believe that hierarchy is indispensable?

The Australian Aborigines had no leaders at all, not even top chiefs. Band organisations go back to Palaeolithic times, i.e. before the advent of agriculture some 11 000 years ago, a time never visited by leadership scholars, not even writers contributing to management history. The art of managing without leaders is still alive in some remote corners of the world.

An article inspired by my work with Tex Skuthorpe on Treading Lightly.