Tango Conceptual Update


This paper is intended for those, who wish to understand more about the conceptual
foundations of the Celemi Tango™ simulation. It addresses some of the hard questions that
both new facilitators and customers may ask:

  • Why do people and customers in Tango “behave” as they do?
  • Does the simulation fit with reality?
  • What is the empirical evidence for the way competitive advantage is simulated?
  • Does it make business sense to treat people well?

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Innovation and the self-reinforcing circle


An exploration of the dominant academic management discourse of innovation.

Authors: Beata Segercrantz Helsinki University, KE Sveiby Hanken School of Economics, Karin Berglund Stockholm university

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Unintended and Undesirable Consequences of Innovation


KE Sveiby, Pernilla Gripenberg, Beata Segercrantz Andreas Eriksson Alexander Aminoff (2009)

Although innovation is one of the most commonly mentioned concepts in social science unintended undesirable consequences of innovation are rarely studied. Why?

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Innovation and the Global Financial Crisis - Systemic Consequences of Incompetence


The financial innovation, securitization changed the context for all actors in the financial industry repeatedly to such a degree that even the highest regarded experts repeatedly made prediction

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